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All sorts of topics that I have been challenged with will be displayed in here: I was very much into silk painting years back as you can see in the butterfly series. I have done murals, book projects, and occasionally cartoons. For friends I do cards for birthdays, Christmas, and for special occasions. I like to combine some parts of my drawings and bits and pieces of calligraphy to assemble greeting cards and work around a bit with photoshop.

And there will be calligraphy. Letters and handwriting have always fascinated me. I´ve been playing with various alphabets and managed some small books and fanfolds as you will see in this category.


Calligraphy - handwritten birthday greetings on seidlart by Michaela Seidl


Calligraphy has always been one of my pet issues.The word derives from greek kalos meaning beautiful and grafein for writing. This means more than just a beautiful handwriting.

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Book Projects - first page of a small booklet for a wedding on seidlart by Michaela Seidl

Book Projects

If you are into calligraphy wanting to attempt a handwritten book is a given. Writing fanfolds, booklets and such make beautiful gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

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Silk - butterfly painted on silk on seidlart by Michaela Seidl


I simply love silk. It's a wonderful natural fabric I've used many times for sewing shirts, pants, dresses and much more. With time I discovered that it's a wonderful material to paint on. 

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Cards - Greeting card for a birthday on seidlart by Michaela Seidl


Years back for special occasions and people dear to me I did handwritten cards. Next to the writing I added a little drawing, a cartoon or other fun stuff. ...

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Fun Stuff - colorful flextangles on seidlart by Michaela Seidl

Fun Stuff

Next to the more artsy stuff I enjoy being creative in different ways. Be it knitting or crochet work, sewing, paper folding or DIY-projects it is fun to let your creativity flow in all directions.

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